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Anonymous: So, if you had to pick, which gender would you prefer to be?

"I’m sorry? Could you be a bit more specific. There are quite a few of us here…"
- Ciel

Gender Bent names

Hi! Admin Hane here hopefully about to encourage yall to ask some questions! I’m gonna list all the characters and what their names are for their male/female version. Any names that we found to be gender neutral we left as is. I apologize in advance for the lack of creativity with the names, but we decided staying kinda close to the original name was the route to go XD

Ciel - Ciel
Sebastian - Samantha
Elizabeth - Elijah
Alois - Eloise
Claude - Claudia
Paula - Paul
Finny - Finny
Undertaker - Undertaker
Doll - Doll
Snake - Snake
Mey-Rin - Rin
Grell - Grell
Hannah - Hayn
Bard - Bailey
Ash - Angela
Angela - Ash
Joker - Joker
Dagger - Dagger
Madam Red - Sir Red
Will - Willow
Lau - Lin
Drossel - Drosella
Aleister - Annalise
Ronald - Rachel

pikachu894283: Good afternoon, Lord Phantomhive :3

"Hm. Quite rude to address me as Lord when I am clearly a Lady."

- Ciel

Gender Bent night is a go!

Please please! Come and ask everyone questions as they are now the opposite gender!

~Admin Hane

About genderbent night~

I’m waiting for confirmation from the Admin-Emma to see if we are continuing the gender bent stuff over an extra night, but I would like to add that while in gender bent form the characters will not know they used to be the other gender. In other words, it will be as if they were that gender the whole time make sense? Okay~ I’ll get back to yall after I hear back from Admin-Emma




Ciel, Undertaker, Doll, Snake, and Finny are online~!

pikachu894283: Not realy......I just wanted to say hi :3

"Oh! That’s fine too~! Hi!"
~ Finny

pikachu894283: Hey everyone! :3

"Hello! Can we help ya with somethin’ today?"
~ Finny


Lau, Bard, Ash, Angela and Madam Red are online!image