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Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, Claude, Finny, Grell, William, Dagger, and Joker are online!

pichi89 ASKED →

beast we all know you're in love with joker so just tell him how you feel

Oh, err.. I’m ‘fraid I gotta tell ye that Beast ain’t part o’ this group yet.. But that’s silly, she ain’t in love with me, don’ know where ye got that idea from!

- Joker

(Beast is one of the characters that are still open, so if anyone would like to answer for her, or any other one of the open characters, please do send us a message! - Admin Emma)

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Mey-Rin, what is your opinion on the other servants in the Phantomhive manor?

They are all great, yes they are! We all get along well, and I am super happy that I met them all! Though sometimes we don’t do good at our job, and it annoys Sebastian, but other than that I love working with them and Sebastian, yes I do! ~Mey-Rin

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Undertaker, have you ever fallen in love? Also, do you miss being a Reaper?

"Love is a fickle thing; a…tricky topic. I’ve experienced my fair share of the emotion and I’m sure I will again. As for reaping…ehehe…how could I ever miss something so…so boring?”


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Drocell, have you ever considered the fact that you might be related to Joker?

I do not know of any person called Joker.  If I do, I do not recall being related to them by any means.


Drocell and Ronald are online!

Snake, Undertaker, and Doll are online~!
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Joker, what would your ideal night out with a woman be?

We could go see a show t’gether, it’d be nice not bein’ the one on stage for a change!

- Joker

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Ciel, would you date me?

Noblemen don’t “date.” Besides, my marriage to Elizabeth has already been arranged.

- Ciel

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